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Anton Nieuwenhuizen's WebLog
Anton Nieuwenhuizen's WebLog


Personal Blog of Anton Nieuwenhuizen, updated when I feel like it (at least once a year, I would say...). When you feel like dropping me a note: I speak, read and write Dutch, English and German fluently... :)

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Six years later...

Hi, Searching for myself on Google, I found this blogsite I used to own... Things have changed... Currently, my blog is run from: See you there!

Posted: 07:14, Sunday, July 29, 2012
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KPN and XS4All... the continuing story...

Hmmm... After a week of talking to numbnuts and nitwits, working at KPN and XS4All Servicedesks, we finally got to speak to someone who did know what he was talking about at KPN. This man told us, that at our location the best connection we could ever get is the 6 Mbit connection we're having right now. He also didn't understand how XS4All could have sold us the 20Mbit connection speed package, whilest knowing this would never be reached...

Anyhow, now we have to 'downgrade' our package at XS4All, and without paying the usual 25 Euro's downgrade 'fee'... Guess we're in for another struggle:)

Keep you posted!

Posted: 11:22, Sunday, December 31, 2006
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KPN and XS4All... merry xmas:)

    Well... moved over to Holland alright... Spend the last week unpacking tons of boxes, putting together loads of IKEA wardrobes, cabinets, tables... Now KPN brought us our internet router yesterday... turns out it is defective, and being the day before xmas, nothing can be done for half a week;) Not the proper connection speed, and wireless shows in config screen only when it feels like it...

Anyway, cabled with a 5Mbit connection... fast enough for now, but can't wait to get the full 20Mbit:)

Well, had to let of some steam... hehehe... anyone else having fun with a non-working ADSL router/modem??

Posted: 16:16, Sunday, December 24, 2006
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Getting ready to move back to the Netherlands...

Finally realy looking like we are moving:) By this time next week, we will be in our new house in Wilnis... After two years living in Largs, Scotland, and one year Dublin, Ireland, we're moving back to where we originally came from: the Netherlands.

It's going to be a buys week, packing and organizing, etc. Ingrid and myself can't wait till next sunday though... Flight leaves Dublin airport at 11:15 next sunday:)

Just wanted to drop this here, as the first article...


Posted: 21:22, Sunday, December 10, 2006
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